Foto: Ronntit Hasson

About us

In the early days of cinema, films were explosive and silent. Today, these films are subject to restauration and of great interest to contemporary artists who are fascinated by their expression and delicacy. Creating music for silent movies today is a very peculiar art form that connects the archival and the contemporary in real time. 

For the third consecutive year we invite the audience to Kalbjärga Film Festival. The festival is unique in its form – movies are shown on 35mm film with a carbon arc projector – the same technique as when they were premiered – accompanied by contemporary music. This year we focus on the musical genre drone. 

Artistic leaders of the festival are Matti Bye – musician and composer, Teo Leff – film restorer and Martina Hoogland-Ivanow – artist. 

Kalbjärga Farm is located near Langhammar Nature Reserve and the stillness that this place offers provides a particular atmosphere to the festival and the overall experience of watching movies in this way.

The festival also invites musicians, visual artists and filmmakers to use the specific technology available on-site and showcase their works on 35mm film. This year we will premiere the documentary Interbeing by Martina Hoogland-Ivanow. We are also very proud to announce that this year’s curation of the silent film program is composed by archivist and film historian Camille Blot-Wellens, currently at the Swedish film institute. 

This year’s poster was made by visual artist Jakob Krajcik. 

Photo: Ronnit Hasson